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Brian Moylan

Image Copyright of Laura Lewis; Courtesy of Brian Moylan

A friend sent us flowers from Freddie’s Flowers, which is a service here in London that delivers fresh flowers to your house every week. I love having them and sometimes just staring and them and thinking about what I’m going to do with my day or wonderful things to write. | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

Just my living room. | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

I listen to music a lot while I do non-writing work. PJ Harvey is my favourite of all time and she’s been rereleasing all of her old albums on vinyl this year, so I’ve been buying all of those and doing lots of career retrospectives. I can’t wait to go see her in concert again! | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

I am vain and superficial so I love gay zines, especially those that are just pictures of really hot guys. They mostly inspire me to feel bad about myself, but they also inspire me with all the beauty in the world. My friend Ben also produces a zine called Fourteen Poems, which is new work by LGBTQ+ poets. It’s just the right amount of poetry to balance out the hot dudes. | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

I started doing cross stitch for an X-Rated project I wanted for my bathroom and I loved it so much I never stopped. I love doing this while watching stupid reality TV shows so I have something to do with my hands. This is my current project, which is based on a thirst trap my friend Claudio posted on Instagram. | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

When the pandemic started I was worried I was going to get COVID so I started stealing my husband’s cologne so that I could test if my sense of smell was still working. Thanks to him, I got really into Frédéric Malle and have since bought a lot of his scents so I can both make sure I can still smell and also get lost in his very delightful, complicated scent profiles. | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan

When my husband started working from home he stole the office, so now I work at the kitchen table. This is the view, shockingly sunny for London. | Image Courtesy of Brian Moylan


When it comes to all things Housewives, we follow the Gospel of Brian Moylan. He’s been writing about Bravo’s Real Housewives for the last 10 years, and come May 25th, his book The Housewives: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewives will be out. The book is all about the history, behind-the-scenes, and cultural impact of the reality TV franchise. As we live for Brian’s recaps on New York magazine’s culture website, Vulture, (how does he know exactly what we were thinking while watching?!)  we simply cannot wait to read this book. We also must note that if you are not following Brian on Twitter, you’re missing out. Seriously missing out.


How do you start your day off?

Usually by exercising. I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and swimming Tuesday and Thursday. You can’t tell, but I am super buff under all of this. Not really. I love cake too much.

What’s going on in the background when you are getting ready?

I’m not a morning person, so my getting ready is really just me throwing on some workout clothes with a pair of jeans over them and running to the gym so that I’m not late.

You never leave home without…

These days a mask. But also keys, wallet, retaW lip balm, a backpack, and some reading material. You never know if you’ll be stuck somewhere and get bored.

The Housewives Book
Brunello Cucinelli Blazer
Brunello Cucinelli Shorts
RetaW Lip Balm

What are your closet essentials?

I wear a uniform year round. I start with a white oxford shirt. In the fall/winter, I wear a grey wool suit, a brooch and an ascot. In spring/summer, I wear a navy blue cotton suit, but instead of pants it’s shorts. Aside from a pair of jeans, a few sweatshirts, swim trunks and a few t-shirts, the uniform is all that’s in the closet. It’s like looking into Donald Duck’s closet.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

I’m sad that I was too poor when I was young to be able to afford designer clothes. Now that I can buy them, I’m either too old or too big for them to really look good.

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

I splurge on shoes, coats, bags, and sunglasses; the things that people see while I’m walking down the street and that I use all the time. I also splurge on underwear. I just bought a ton from CLDP. No one sees it, but it feels good to have the best undies. I save on just about everything else. I love a sale, I love to get things cheap, I love discount days and loyalty points. I always buy my shirts at the end of the seasons for next year so I can get that sweet, sweet 50% off.

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

It’s an Adidas polo. It was white with baby blue stripes, a baby blue collar, and baby blue rings around the sleeves. I actually still have it, I just can’t fit into it anymore!

Thom Brown Oxford
PJ Harvey Record
CDLP Underwear
Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady

What inspires your style most?

I’m a good New England boy at heart, so I am very into a preppy aesthetic, though with a lot of fun. I like bright colours and big accessories and having on things that people are going to notice. I get a lot of inspiration from my husband, Christian, who is a clothes horse and drags me shopping to all the high-end stores and big designers. (His favourites: Dries Van Noten, JW Anderson, Loewe, Prada.) I’ve always been a big Thom Browne fan and my uniform aesthetic is heavily based on his clothes. I also never want to be an embarrassment to my friends, many of whom work in fashion, so I’m just trying to keep up and not get made fun of! It’s like middle school all over again.

You’re Number 1 style tip is…

Find something you look good in, that fits well, and that is flattering and then buy a million of them.


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