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Our Favourite Newsletters

Our Favourite Newsletters

Written by The Strategy

Newsletters we intentionally subscribe to – Our favourite newsletters.

If we had a dollar for every time we accidentally checked the box giving websites the ‘ok’ to send us weekly (sometimes daily) newsletters, we’d be very rich. When logging into our Gmail accounts, we often feel excited and a little bit important at the over 150 unread emails – only to feel utterly dismayed when we realized 105 of those emails are ones we never remembered to subscribing to. All this is to say, we get it – sometimes newsletters suck. But, after countless subscriptions, we have come to realize that we have a few newsletters that we look forward to seeing in our inbox.

Favourite Newsletters

FWD Joy by Chrissy Rutherford

While it is true, we love pretty much everything Chrissy Rutherford does, her FWD Joy newsletter really is a subscription we recommend all our friends subscribe to. After leaving her position at Harper’s Bazaar in early 2020, Chrissy began a journey of enlightenment to find her life’s purpose. In January of 2021, she launched FWD Joy to share with her readers what she’s learned about therapy, spirituality, and everything in between, in order to spark inspiration.

Past newsletters (which come out on Mondays) have included navigating your career and love life through Tarot, journaling, and how to enforce boundaries.

Favourite Newsletters

Laundry Day by Sarah Clary

We love Jenna Lyons and Kyle DeFord, but we must admit that Sarah Clary was our favourite part of Stylish with Jenna Lyons on HBOMax. The fashion stylist and creative director had us captivated with her casual-cool style, and her ability to not take herself too seriously.

In February of this year, she launched Laundry Day which shares some of the style tips we loved getting on the show and items in her proverbial shopping cart – all accompanied by epic selfies.

Favourite Newsletters

Saw This and Thought of You by Colleen Bulfin and Natalie Hughes

As the tagline perfectly states, this weekly, unfussy newsletter consists of shopping lists shared between Colleen and Natalie, two self-described ‘friends in fashion’. Colleen Blufin is in digital and influencer marketing, while Natalie Hughes is a social media strategist, digital content creator, journalist and founder of The Fashion Digital.

We love that each week offers a completely new product list, from places or brands we’ve sometimes never heard of before.

Hi Everyone with Hillary Kerr

While we have yet to receive the first newsletter in our inbox, we just know the Hi Everyone newsletter by Hillary Kerr is bound to be a favourite. From her work as Co-Founder and CCO of Who What Wear, to the three books she has written with Katherine Power, to her podcast Second Life, we love everything Hillary Kerr does. We can’t wait for this to hit our inbox each week.

Favourite Newsletters

The Strategy, duh.

Obviously we think you should subscribe to our newsletter. It’s one of our favourite newsletters!

With the TS newsletter, get a debrief on all the stories that happened each week, as well as items our editors are eyeing for the week.

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