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Zero Waste Body Wash with Plus

Zero Waste Body Wash with Plus

Written by The Strategy

Created by the brilliant minds behind (one of our favourite beauty brands) Starface, Julie Schott and Brian Bordainick alongside Cathryn Woodruff, zero waste personal care is here. Meet Plus and their zero waste Body Wash.

We often find ourselves struggling with our love for beauty and personal care, and our love for the environment. The search for sustainable products has been at the forefront of our minds, but we often find we are never fully able to ‘go green’. While we can switch to a ‘sustainable’ body wash, that body wash is most commonly housed in a plastic bottle. That was the case, until Plus launched. The brand with a slogan of “Personal Care for A Happier Planet” is here to actually make personal care a zero waste affair.

Plus launched with one hero-product: Body Wash. Plus zero waste Body Wash is unlike any body wash currently lining your shower shelf. Unlike most bottled body washes, which can contain up to 90% water, Plus Body Wash is a just-add-water product, meaning the single serve cleanser is activated once wet. Also unlike bottled body wash, Plus Body Wash comes in squares, and is housed in dissolvable packets. As you lather, you can simply drop the packaging in the shower, where it will completely dissolve down the drain. It truly is like magic.

The Product

The goodness of Plus Body Wash doesn’t begin and end with the dissolvable packets. The product itself is free of parabens, sulphates, gluten, soap, artificial colorant and phalates. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist approved. It’s also PH-balanced and has no fillers. It literally ticks off all the boxes. The single serve cleanser is filled with cleansing and nourishing ingredients (aloe leaf, sweet almond oil, shea butter, ferulic acid, sunflower seed oil and eucalyptus leaf oil), which are activated by water. Plus Body Wash is safe for sensitive skin, and is available in three unisex scents: Summer, which has hints of neroli, orange and lemon, Waves, with hints of coconut, sea salt and jasmine, and Clouds, which is unscented.

The Packaging

As much as we love the product itself, we have to tip our hats to the Plus team for creating stellar, zero waste packaging. While the product itself is single use, there is no single use plastic involved, and all packaging is either disposable or compostable. The body wash squares and their dissolvable sachet exteriors are contained in compostable bags. The wood pulp used in the dissolvable packets are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-managed forests. The ink of each packet is water-based.

The Facts

Because, they’re just as impressive and interesting as the rest:

  • Bar soap or bottled body wash can contain up to 90% water
  • Plus’ manufacturing process depends on 38% less water than traditional body wash manufacturing
  • As the product is lightweight, it’s shipping cuts carbon emissions by 80% compared to traditional bottled body wash
  • Plus ensures that the remaining emissions are offset 110% by contributions to Pachama forest improvement projects

Currently priced at $16.50 (USD) for 16 sheets, Plus hopes to lower their prices as the product sells.

We can’t wait to see what else they plan on adding to their product line-up.

Plus Body Wash - Summer
Plus Body Wash - Cloud
Plus Body Wash - Waves

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