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Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo

Image Courtesy of Sigourney Cantelo


Learning Sigourney Cantelo’s style story.

At The Strategy, we’re huge beauty buffs. So naturally, we’ve been big fans of Sigourney Cantelo from her even before her days as Vogue Australia’s Beauty & Health Director. The founder and editor of Beauticate has been a beauty journalist for over 20 years, and held the position at Vogue Australia for almost 10. Since, she has created Beauticate – a beauty-dedicated digital platform. It’s a site that is aims to share the beauty routines of high-profile women in the fashion and beauty industries, while also sharing the latest beauty and healthy news. We constantly find ourselves inspired by not only her website, but also her own style and beauty routine. Without further ado, and if you haven’t already, we’d like for you to meet Sigourney Cantelo.


How do you start your day off?

At around 5am one or both of my kids will crawl into bed for cuddles. Then, all going well, I’ll sit up in bed and do a 20 minute meditation. Then, it’s crazy kid-prepping-school-lunches etc., and then on a good day, if I have time, I’ll do a quick Hypervibe vibration training session or Barre Body online workout before sitting down for work. Most days, I try to fast in the morning, unless I wake up hangry and need my toast and coffee. On weekends I try and get active with the kids – jumping on the trampoline is amazing exercise and the kids love it so much.

What’s going on in the background when you are getting ready?

Children playing (and fighting), sometimes I try to film a makeup tutorial for my website or socials while all this is happening!

You never leave home without…

I never leave home without my AirPods, phone, keys, a mini Ultra Violette Queen Screen sunscreen, and Leif hand sanitizer all stuffed into my Loewe Gate bag. Oh, and I’ll usually have my felt Will + Bear hat as double protection from the harsh Aussie sun.


What are your closet essentials?

For events (which I have just started back again, strangely!) I’ll wear Australian designers like Zimmerman, Bianca Spender, Rachel Gilbert and Bec + Bridge. Off duty, it’s slouching around in either PE Nation or The Upside activewear. For weekends, floaty dresses by Matteau and Palm Noosa with Birkenstock x Proenza Schouler Arizonas or Hérmes Oran slides.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

The velour tracksuit I used to wear to uni. I thought I was so cool. And Ugg boots. I often can’t resist wearing them out in winter, but I always cringe a little at myself. We’re going into winter in Australia, so I’ve just bought a pair of shearling lined Moon Boots that have laces, so they seem a little bit more like a shoe than a slipper!

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

I splurge on shoes, bags, tailored jackets and coats, then save on basics: tees, tracksuits, little summer shorts and cotton dresses for wearing to the beach.

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

Either my first investment shoe: tan wooden Guess platforms or the coat that I bought myself on my first trip to New York – an incredible faux fur white quilted coat from Armani Exchange. I looked a bit like a yeti, but it was a moment. 

ULTRA VIOLETTE Queen Screen Luminizing Skinscreen Serum
WILL + BEAR Calloway Black
Leif Hands-On Sanitizer

What inspires your style most?

I recently cut a fringe, so I’ve been taking notes from Jane Birkin and Francois Hardy.


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