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Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine

Image courtesy of Mathilde Maxine


Learning Mathilde Maxine’s style story.

Mathilde Maxine is a freelance stylist and art director, based in Copenhagen. We originally spied her artistically influenced Instagram account, but upon speaking with her, we realized a kindred spirit. Not only is Mathilde a conscious shopper, making shopping choices with care and consideration, she also pays attention to the details of a garment – a trait we don’t always see, even in the most die-hard fashion enthusiast. Her interest is not just in trends, but mainly in clothing pieces themselves.┬áDuring the pandemic (which unfortunately is still raging), Mathilde Maxine has spent her time cultivating her creative side with poetry and painting. We were excited to get the chance to learn more about what inspires this creatives style.


How do you start your day off?

In times of lockdown and crisis, I find it important to take the necessary steps to a convenient routine. For me, a good start to the day is my coffee, which I always take black with a squeeze of oat milk and in the nightie. I do not have a great appetite in the morning, but I do find a soft-boiled egg and glass of tomato juice a pleasant foundation to a day. Personally, my mornings are holy, and I make a virtue of tranquility in the early hours. Once I’ve had my coffee, I take a short shower and get dressed. I’m not a woman who spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, as I don’t really use makeup, etc., but I do care for my skin, so I prefer to use some extra minutes to prepare my skin for the cold winter temperatures here in Copenhagen, and as my skin tends to be dehydrated, this means lots of moisturizer.

What’s going on in the background when you are getting ready?

My dog Godred is quite a bomb of energy and always chirpy, so he’s keeping me occupied with play until I take him for a walk. Recently, I decided to relocate from the very center of Copenhagen to up the north coast – just ten minutes outside of the city. I now have the blessing of the sounds of birds chirping, and you can actually enjoy it from the bath as the chirping is audible through the extractor in the shower. It is a little comfort of mine and I find it important to pay attention to the small details and even more in these slightly dark times.

You never leave home without…

I’m often told that I’m a quite well-organized person, but if there is a vice, it’s my bag. I always find myself leaving home with a bag stuffed with things – just in case. Counting various lip balms, cigarettes, hairbrushes, pens and notebooks.

What are your closet essentials?

Essentials of long-lasting materials, such as tops, trousers and coats.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

I actually don’t believe in fashion regrets. Of course I’ve purchased things from time to time which I regret, but somehow I think that a mis-purchase is a natural contribution to a fundamental understanding of your style and functionality of garment in general. I’ve always been quite experimental in my approach to fashion and I remember some awful pieces in my wardrobe, especially in the early teenage years, however when looking back at these odd styles, they had some charm too as they represented a certain time in my life where the process of identity creation is paramount.

If I do have to mention some fashion regrets, I rather want to highlight the importance of materials, which has become a ground conviction of mine. When buying styles manufactured in natural and delicate materials, they will have a longer life than for example, an acrylic sweater from a high street brand. You care for the piece in another way and even if it gets stained or damaged, you still wish to care for it by getting it cleaned or repaired. I’ve moved from fashion fashion to slow fashion for many reasons, but particularly to contribute to a more sustainable way of thinking fashion. I only buy second hand clothing, and if I do find a piece to be a wrong fit or just something is wrong, I can always resell it, due to the quality of the material.

You always splurge on, and you always save on…

Shoes, bags and outerwear might be the things I tend to spend most on. In my opinion, a great coat along with the right bag will save even the most uninspiring outfit. Same with the shoes – basic pants or dresses can be lifted by a delicate pair of shoes. As I mainly purchase second-hand, I will risk to say that I never really splurge, nor do I compromise on wearability of basis, so in that way, you could say that I’m neither splurging or saving. I seek balance in needs and desires.

What is one piece of clothing you wish you could steal from your 16 year old self?

I remember having a white vintage Monclear puffer. It was pertly kitsch and very 80s in the good way.

What inspires your style most?

Vintage, vintage, vintage. The cuts, the materials, the sense for the right fit and the ability of storytelling. I love the fact that you can wear something which exudes uniqueness owing to the cycle of changing hands, homes and the survival of decades.

Your #1 style tip is…

Need. Use. Keep. To me, it’s essential to keep these three words in mind when making a new purchase. When finding a need in my wardrobe, whichever style this concerns, I always ask myself how much I’m going to use the item and in which context. If the style I’m hooked on passes these stringent questions, it lead me to the final decision: whether the style is something I can imagine myself keeping for years or if it’s more of a one-time-use throwaway piece. If I find the quality and visual aesthetic high enough to pass these three questions, I know it’s going to add positively to the whole of my wardrobe and in the same way, not contribute to the muddle amount the other styles. I always search for good basics, which can constitute the fundamental layer. I have a lot of woolen tights, leggings and trousers from Wolford which I pair with tops from the same brand. The quality of Wolford is exceptional. When having the foundational layer set, it’s very easy to dress up and down the elegant eye-catching or funny styles.


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