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The Art of The Thank You Note

The Art of The Thank You Note

Written by The Strategy

Bringing back the art of the thank you note.

With American and Canadian Turkey Days out of the way, Black Friday sales on in full force, and holiday music blaring in every public space, it’s safe to say we are officially and fully in the holiday season. Team TS even attended their first holiday party last night (see IG for more).

As the first holiday season many are finally celebrating in real life, after two years of virtual events and celebrations, we can’t wait to hit up every house, cocktail and dinner party with full gusto. Armed with epic gifts for our gracious hosts, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the forgotten art of the thank you note.

The Argument

It’s simple: Who doesn’t love to receive mail?

As outdated as snail mail may seem to most, no one can deny the rush of excitement when a letter pops in your mailbox addressed to you, and is not a bill or store flyer.

After an evening of hosting and potential weeks of planning, there’s nothing quite like showing your appreciation to your host quite like a note of gratitude sent to arrive within a few days after the event. Not only will it result in a smile on your hosts face as they read it, but will most likely result in an invite back and a place on their ‘best guest’ list. There has even been proof of thank you notes elevating relationships.

The How-To

Cute stationary and a good pen are a must. If personalized stationary isn’t your thing (though we highly recommend it), there are plenty of other quality options to go with. We suggest opting for a linen or cardstock finish.

A drying-out red pen is simply not acceptable when putting pen to paper, so we suggest investing in a decent pen (preferably, blue or black). You don’t even have to break the bank on this. Just make sure that whatever pen you go with won’t smudge or run!

When it comes to the message, write what feels right! Whether it’s a simple “thanks for the drinks” or a longer more heartfelt message, you can’t go wrong with what you write.

Le Pen Set
SMYTHSON Iconic Moon correspondence cards box of ten
L'Objet Lito stationery set
Sharpie S-Gel, Gel Pens, Medium Point (0.7mm), Black Ink Gel Pen, 12 Count

While you’ll still be in a hosts good graces sans a thank you note, as a form of modern manners, we think a simple note will make you stand out from all other guests.

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