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Superette SuperMarket

Written by The Strategy

Inside Superette SuperMarket at Toronto’s Stackt Market

Cannabis stores have become to Toronto what Starbucks has become to the rest of the world. There is one, no, two, on every city corner and after a 10 minute walk down the street, they all begin to look the same.

But Superette’s Stackt Market location, SuperMarket stands out from the rest and is a truly memorable shopping experience.

Walking into Superette’s SuperMarket, is a sensory overload. It’s hard to settle your eyes on one item or even shelf, contain your awe, and settle the sense of child-like excitement. The store, designed with a ‘neighbourhood grocery store’ mindset, reminds us of a life sized version of a children’s grocery store set-up. Plastic fruits and vegetables are peppered with edibles, the checkout aisle is lined with faux-magazines and rolling papers, and the walls are lined with branded merchandise mixed with custom props, like Super O’s, as a take on grocery store staples like cereal and juice.

The 800 square foot SuperMarket, is brought to Stackt Market by Toronto’s premier Cannabis retailer, Superette. The space has vibes of an old-school, neighbourhood grocery store, complete with red & white vinyl checkerboard floor and back-lit signage. The innovative retail experience allows customers to purchase a selection of marijuana, branded merchandise, lifestyle accessories from rolling papers to pipes to lighters, with a focus on edibles. It was¬†created by Superette’s in-house team in collaboration with Canadian designer, Emily Robin.

The Ottawa-based Superette was founded by entrepreneurs, Mimi Lam and Drummon Munro in 2019.¬†With a goal to make “buying cannabis as enjoyable as consuming it”, the company’s SuperMarket does just that – from the nostalgic atmosphere to the ‘Spin The Wheel’ game by the check out and the rocket-shaped gumball machine. Customers are encouraged to browse rather than shop from a menu, as with most cannabis stores, with budtender’s on hand to help with the decision.

Visit Superette SuperMarket at 28 Bathurst St, Unit 105, Toronto, ON

Superette SuperMarket

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