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What Inspired Us This Week: Music, Travel Trinkets and Light Reading

What Inspired Us This Week: Music, Travel Trinkets and Light Reading

Written by The Strategy

What Inspired Team TS This Week

Inspiration is all around us. It can come from art, coffee table books, people we see on the streets, travel, music – really, anywhere.

As The Strategy hopes to share the inpsiriaton behind the style of our favourite fashion insiders and muses, we’ve decided to share with you the little details in life that have been inspiring us.

It finally feels like summer is actually upon us. Each morning gets warmer and warmer and the sun gets brighter and brighter. We’ve been inspired by many things, but here’s what has been inspiring the team this week.

One of our main sources of inspiration has been travel adventures. The sights, the colours, the traditions – there is nothing quite like experiencing a new place and bringing home some a small piece of it. On a recent trip to the Middle East, we discovered vintage handbags that are unlike anything we’ve seen in stores at home which not only add the perfect, unexpected accessory to any look, they also make for great home decor.

Social Media Consultant and Content Creator, Trishna Goklani has an Instagram feed that has propelled us to buy and try everything from beauty tools (DermaFlash is the tool we’ve been missing in our lives) to travel destinations and hairstyles. We suggest you give her a follow, if you’re not already.

It’s not even summer yet, but we already have our new ‘summer song.’ Ashe’s latest single release, Another Man’s Jeans, gives off serious Sheryl Crow vibes and has us imagining we’re bopping along to the hit in a vintage Camero wearing high-waisted flared jeans and a band tee…actually, that may just be one look we plan on wearing for Summer ’22 – minus the Camero. It’s a short song, but it’s sweet.

When stuck on inspiration, there is nothing like a warm(ish) afternoon spent sitting in our favourite spot flipping through our favourite coffee table books. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – the season doesn’t matter. Our favourite tomes are a constant source of inspiration.

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