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Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Trends

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Trends

Written by The Strategy

Talking Spring/Summer 2022 hair trends with Marie Robinson Salon’s lead stylist, Tommy Buckett, and senior colourist, Angela Hazelton.

Spring is in the air and summer heat is just around the corner. After nearly two years of at-home hair colouring experiments and even a D.I.Y trim (or two), this season with no restrictions, we’re heading back to the salon. To get inspired, we sat down with Marie Robinson salon’s lead stylist, Tommy Buckett, and senior colourist Angela Hazelton, to learn what is trending for this season, as well as some tips and tricks of the trade to make your hair last!

What are some of the top hair colour trends for the Spring/Summer 2022 season?

Angela: I’m seeing a lot more honey blonds – less ‘bleached out’, more tone-on-tone, warm and shiny. For brunettes, I’m seeing similar tone-on-tone highlights – ambers, honeys; all warmer tones.

Has there been a shift in what people are looking for in a cut/colour post-lockdown, as many had to either DIY their hair or go natural?

Angela: A lot of my natural brunette clients have really embraced their dark glossy hair. For so long the trend was gradated blondes, bleached out ends, and money pieces, but after seeing their natural dark hair they grew to love and embrace it.

I also had a lot of clients wanting to make bolder changes with their color. After the pandemic, I had so many requests for red hair – all different shades of reds: blondes wanting to go strawberry blonde, and brunettes requesting shades of amber or dark auburns.

When you are in a routine of going to work every day and seeing the same people day-in and day-out, there is a nervousness to make a big hair change and hear people’s initial reaction; similar to the first day of school jitters. But working from home gave people the opportunity to make a big hair change, without any outside opinion.

Tommy: I felt that way with haircuts too. People would want to grow their hair out, but could never do it. But with the pandemic, they ended up doing just that. There were other people who always wanted a shorter haircut and were able to try it now because they were inside. For haircuts too, I noticed a lot of people embracing their curls.

What is the most requested celebrity or movie/tv show cut, colour or style?

Angela: For colour, everyone is pulling out a picture of Hailey Bieber. She has the darker hair but a few highlights. I always have people bringing in photos of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, because she has that strawberry-but-golden-blonde hair and highlights that you can’t really see; they melt together and give you a sparkle of colour.

Tommy: For style, Euphoria really set a lot of trends. I’m seeing a lot of blunt hair cuts – a sharp one-length at different lengthens. Everyone wants French-girl hair – effortlessly cool, shaggy with curtain bangs and long layers. Also, 90s supermodel hair with a round brush and Velrco rollers afterwards.

Angela: Even with colour, that kind of monochromatic colour with warmth and the honeys and golden-tones. The trend is either really laid back or really glamourous.

Tommy: There is no in-between.

What can a person do to prepare for a hair colour appointment?

Angela: It depends on what type of process you are having done. Especially for highlight clients or any big colour change, you should baby your hair the weeks leading up to your colour appointment. Try not to heat style it too much and moisturize it as much as possible. The healthier the hair, the more options you have with your hair colour. I prefer for my clients to get their hair cut before their hair colour appointment, that way I can place the highlights or lowlights according to the way their hair is naturally falling. It’s not ideal to strategically place highlights and then see them all get cut off.

Are there any tips or tricks to making hair colour last longer?

Angela: Don’t wash your hair too often. With every wash, a little bit of the gloss gets pulled out. Too much heat styling can also oxidize the glosses faster. Ask your colourist if they suggest any home glosses for in-between maintenance, or if a tinted shampoo would work for you, specifically for redheads or brunettes. So many blondes use purple shampoo to tone out yellow, but using it too often can actually create colour buildup on the bleached strands making the hair look dull or drab. I suggest for blondes to use a clarifying shampoo once a week instead, to pull off any residual product build-up or mineral buildup that can naturally accumulate on the hair.

Do either of you have hero products you always recommend to clients or always use yourself?

Tommy: I will never not have a blow-dry cream in my kit. I love putting it on wet hair – it smooths it out and provides heat protection. I am a hairspray junkie. I will use hairspray at the root to soak up oil, I will backcomb with it, I will style with it.

Angela: I don’t have a go-to product. There is no one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s hair is so different. But, I do love the Tangle Teezer brush. I think everyone needs to have one – I don’t know what I did before I had one. It’s amazing for detangling hair in or out of the shower. It painlessly removes any knots without breaking the hair.

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