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Meet The KiT Undergarments

Meet The KiT Undergarments

Written by The Strategy

Have you ever watched a celebrity walk down a red carpet and think, “what kind of bra is she wearing?” or have you ever marvelled at Bella Hadid’s way-higher than thigh-high slits and wondered what kind of thong accommodates that? These undergarment secrets are stylist tricks. Tricks they’ve figured out through years of working with impossible clothing and daring clientele. Enter Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche – stylists who are spilling their trade secrets in the form of their newly launched brand, The KiT Undergarments.

With a collective 20 years of experience in the styling industry, Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche have joined forces to create the brand. Jamie has worked with Katy Perry and Nicole Richie, and Simone has worked with Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian – so, you know, small names you may not even know yet.

The line that launched October 7th was created by Mizrahi and Harouche to help “take the guesswork out of getting dressed” and includes items you never knew about, but now that you do, you definitely need. There are your undergarment staples, like bras, underwear and bodysuits, but there is also breast tape, nipple covers and bra extenders. And that’s not even touching on their sets, called the Cozy Kit and Strapless Black-Tie Kit. All products are designed with all shapes and sizes in mind and available in 7 shades. Undergarments are also available in either bamboo cotton or a lightweight nylon-spandex blend.

During their launch month of October, three percent of every set purchased will be donated to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund. Prices of products start at around $20.

*Header image courtesy of The Kit Undergarments

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