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Self-Isolating With Marina Khorosh

Self-Isolating With Marina Khorosh

Written by The Strategy

As we adjust to #stayhome orders and life in quarantine, we’re checking in with TS Alum to learn more about what their life in lockdown is like, and how they are staying inspired.

One of our favourite New Yorkers is writer, Marina Khorosh. We’ve spent hours enthralled in her dating (sometimes horror) stories on DBagDating, and are envious of her casual cool style, that is European cool-with a touch of New York woman. We had to find out how Marina is spending her time in quarantine, and how she is staying inspired.

Where are you quarantining?

New York.

Are you quarantining with anyone?

My boyfriend, otherwise known as my QP (Quarantine Partner), and our part-time boxer, Sammi.

(L) Date night, 2020 (R) Double date night, 2020

What does an average day look like, for you now?

Fascinatingly boring. A mix of working, working out, buying groceries, sterilizing groceries, consuming groceries, and chatting with my friends about their equally riveting lives. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m adding a lot of West Side Highway promenades to the mix.

(L) Love in the time of Corona (R) Guarding the goods

What is a typical outfit you’re rocking now while you’re staying home?

Athletic shorts, t-shirts, mens button-downs, boyfriend jeans. Once a week, I try on a pair of tight jeans, just to make sure they still fit. I haven’t worn heels in two months and have no idea if I can still walk in them. Is it a skill you can unlearn?

What can you absolutely not live without during this time?

Coffee, goji berries, Lime-less Margarita to-go cocktails from my boyfriends bar, Bathtub Gin.

(L) Is this hygge? (C) La vita glamour (R) Postcard from Chelsea


For you, what is the best part of quarantine, and what is the worst part?

This is going to sound cheesy, but the best part has been getting to know – and like – my boyfriend more. (We moved in a week before the lockdown so the odds of this happening feels akin to winning the Mega Million.) Also: less hangovers, less small talk, more time to get things done. Worst part: trying to comprehend and digest the current condition of the world, not knowing when I can see my parents, the uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow. Our lives, up in the air.

How are you keeping yourself busy?

I have been lucky to have a lot of work, so I haven’t yet had a chance to bake bread or regrow scallions or pick up any other Insta-worthy hobbies. Does cocktail degustation count?

How are you staying inspired?

To be honest, this has not been a particularly inspiring time for me. Most of my day-to-day is spent immersed in more time-sensitive and grounded issues, such as helping clients reposition their strategies to accommodate the new climate. Maybe, once this subsides, I will process in a more personal way.


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