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The Future is Female

The Future is Female

Written by The Strategy

At The Strategy, since our inception, we’ve been able to work with and meet some of the most inspiring women. From our own two female founders, to the founders of a sexual wellness company, swimwear brands, and beauty brands. We are constantly in awe of these women.

This International Women’s Day, we’re looking back at these female trailblazers, and what advice they have for female entrepreneurs. The future really is, female. 

The Future is Female | International Women's Day

“Surround yourself with people who get ‘it’ and get what you’re doing.”

“My advice is to not focus on the little aspects of the business in its beginning stages, and to just launch it.”

“Never back down!”

“It’s about luck. It’s about perseverance. Reach out to your friends and ask for help. People are always willing to help guide you, and mentor you.”

“As an entrepreneur, you’re starting something from scratch, and you have to exhaust every avenue possible.”

“Be ready to give your whole life to it.”


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