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The Real Real: Home

The Real Real: Home

Written by The Strategy

We know we’re late to the party.

Since we’ve been spending a lot (and we mean, a lot) of time in our homes, our newest passion, nay, obsession, has been home redecoration. Every room has been slowly updated with trinkets, new forms of organization, re-jigging, and DIYs. No surface has been left untouched – we’ve been looking at them, and only them, for far too long. After marathons of Dream Home Makeover and Home Again with The Fords, and countless hours on Instagram spying Danielle Prescod’s new home renovations, and Chrissy Rutherford’s home updates, we simply cannot stop.

Which is why when, during a casual afternoon of online vintage window shopping for a new bag , we came across a section of The Real Real, we were filled with sick amounts of excitement. The section? The Real Real: HOME. How have we been so tunnel-visioned in the past to have missed this category, completely?!

We honestly feel silly, and just in case you hadn’t discovered this treasure trove yet, we wanted to share it with you. From Tiffany’s to Celine to Hérmes, The Real Real: Home has an awesome selection of pieces you may not need to fill your home, but will definitely want. We know this, because our shopping carts are full.

MAISON BALZAC 4 Medium Pink Goblets
KPM BERLIN 2-Piece Bud Vase Set
Textured Ceramic Ashtray
JONATHAN ADLER Sphinx Trinket Tray
HERMÈS Cheval D'Orient Mini Dish
Chinatown Pretty: Fashion and Wisdom from Chinatown's Most Stylish Seniors
SUPREME 2018 Box Logo Bouncy Ball


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