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Sustainable Swimwear with Kōraru

Sustainable Swimwear with Kōraru

Written by The Strategy

Meet Kōraru – The sophisticated and timeless swimwear brand that brings out your natural beauty while protecting the enviroment.

At The Strategy, we love all things fashion – obviously. We’re a fashion website, after all. But, one thing we struggle with is the waste and the negative environmental impact that comes with the purchasing of new items each season. Becoming more sustainable has been a goal not only of TS, but also our team members. When it comes to shopping, shopping sustainably has come to the forefront of our purchasing habits.

Enter Kōraru. A premium sustainable swimwear brand that is actually at its core, sustainable. We have discovered many ‘sustainable’ brands that talk-the-talk, but don’t often walk-the-walk. Kōraru does both.

The Tokyo-based brand was founded by former model, Oana Romaneiro.

“KORARU is international at heart, being inspired by growing up by the sea and my travels around the world before relocating to Tokyo, Japan, from where I currently designs the collections. Koraru is the antidote to fast fashion, an ode to a slower way of life, in which our natural environment needs to be respected and beauty is to be celebrated.”

Each piece in their collection is made with ECONYL® regenerated yarn from nylon waste, a fibre that is infinitely recyclable, and packaging is made with a range of recyclable materials. The brand follows the 3 pillars of corporate sustainability: environmental, social and economic and is continuously working to uphold the current industry standards and push for change where change is necessary.

With a circular based business model, Kōraru believes in commitment to a Circular Economy. Wherever possible, the brand will use the waste from one process or post consumer waste as the raw material for the next. They also have a mission to provide elegant and long-lasting swimwear designs. Styles are timeless and sophisticated, meaning they won’t go out of fashion with each sartorial season. Kōraru works only with fabrics and manufacturers that have a reduced impact on the environment, made with water saving processes and a carbon reduced footprint, and wherever possible made from regenerated materials. The brand also exclusively works with manufactures that uphold and respect labour laws.

As mentioned earlier, sustainability doesn’t just stop at Kōrarus product range; even their packaging is sustainable. The lining of packaging boxes is made using a fibre created from reused algae sourced from Norway, France and Ireland – environments where excess amounts of this algae would otherwise harm the ocean ecosystem. The enclosed swimwear is wrapped in an envelope made from Paptic Tringa®, a new cellulose material that’s made with wood fibres sourced from sustainably-managed forests. All packaging materials are 100% recyclable and wherever possible, the brand applies re-usable energy and water-saving processes in their creation.

Lastly, Kōraru also is partnered with The Coral Reef Alliance – an alliance with a mission to save the world’s coral reefs, working with communities to “reduce direct threats to reefs in ways that provide lasting benefits to people and wildlife.”

This summer, whether your hitting the beach, the lack or even just your backyard, with Kōraru, you can do so with the confidence that your swimwear not only brings out your natural beauty, but also sustains the natural beauty of your surroundings.


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