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Elevating Your At-Home Game

Elevating Your At-Home Game

Written by The Strategy

After countless lockdowns and extreme winter cold, followed by a summer of extreme heat (felt all around the world!), we believe we have become experts when it comes to our at home game. As temperatures keep rising making us less tempted to leave the cool air-conditioning of our apartments, and heat-waving-breaking summer storms are on the horizon, we’re kind of over the idea of hunkering down with a board game and bottle of wine – we can do so much better than that.

Staying home at this point, should be an elevated experience. We’ve done it for long enough! If you’re escaping hot weather, wet weather or just taking some time for yourself, we know just how you can be elevating your at-home experience.

The Actual Home Element

When spending a day (or weekend) at home, it’s not only important to treat ourselves to self-care, but also to create a welcoming environment we actually want to be spending time in.

To first set the scene, candles must go everywhere. No candle suits our moods more than Anecdote candles – as this writer types, the “Smells Like Style Icons and Aspirational Lifestyles” candle burns on my desk. For at-home purposes, we like to place these candles where they will be seen by anyone who enters.

For more intimate spaces like the bathroom or bedroom, the scents of Obakki candles fill the room with spa-like aromas that instantly create a sense of calm and serenity.

Once the candles are lit, to disconnect from the world, our devices are placed out of site and we get down to whatever activity relaxes us – whether it be puzzling, painting, or even experimenting in the kitchen.


Entertain Yourself

Returning to work was also a return to the rat race. Chasing deadlines, making meetings, and answering countless emails. Since our return, time at home has become even more precious and we want to spend it doing things that relax us and take us out of our office headspace. There is nothing we love to do more than curl up with a good book. If it’s a nice day, sit outside on your balcony or in your backyard. If it’s not, it makes the couch even cosier.

After countless hours at home with not a thing to do, we’ve also taken to experimenting in the kitchen, and like most during the pandemic, we quickly became obsessed with our Our Place Pan. Their website even recommends recipes to heal that have gotten us through a tough day or two.

When it comes time to cleanup, we’ve become more mindful with what products touch our countertop surfaces and inevitably our skin. We’ve also learned that being good to ourselves also means being good to the environment. Many household cleaners are full of chemicals that are not only bad for the environment, but also bad for our overall health. Instead, we’ve switched to Guests on Earth cleaning products that come in reusable containers and are made from organic materials.

To continue the journey of relaxation, we then like to indulge in a little self-TLC.

Anna: The Biography
GUESTS ON EARTH Reusable All-Purpose Cleaner Vessel

The Self-Care Element

Pandemic lockdowns – while often wildly boring – also gave us some time to indulge in our self-care routines. When you find yourself spending some time at home, treat yourself and your body.

First off, we highly recommend you swap out your usual hair tie for a scrunchie – a silk one at that. We keep one in our handbags when we’re on the go, and keep one on our bedside for at home use. When the heat is high, there is nothing like sweeping your hair off your neck, and the healthier option for your locks is a scrunchie. For some serious R&R time, we pile our mane into a beloved messy bun secured with a silk scrunchie and get into some serious self-care.

And, with all the exposure our toes get in the summer months, any down-time or time spent at home includes a moment to indulge in some pedicure maintenance. We would love to be the people with weekly spa appointments, but alas, we are not and therefore must take care of our feet ourselves. Olive & June’s Pedi System is the ultimate collection to pamper our feet with and comes with all the tools necessary to buff and smooth our weary feet.

At the end of the day, post self-pampering, we cool down with luke warm showers and Dermal Therapy’s Body Wash to wash away sweaty summer skin that is prone to breakouts and bacne.

Lastly, there is no time like time spent at home to apply a face mask and relax. Popping our AirPods in our ears and streaming our new favourite podcast, an application of Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask restores our skin and leaves us glowing.

Tata Harper Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask

With a comfortable and inviting home environment and activities to occupy our time in it, the idea of leaving doesn’t seem to be all that great. Good thing Monday seems far off…

*Disclosure: Often in our content, we use affiliate links. While we may earn a commission from any purchases made through our affiliates, each product we mention is handpicked by Team TS and has The Strategy’s stamp of approval.


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