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What Inspired Us This Week: Vintage, Coffee Table Books & Home Goods

What Inspired Us This Week: Vintage, Coffee Table Books & Home Goods

Written by The Strategy

What Inspired Team TS This Week

Inspiration is all around us. It can come from art, coffee table books, people we see on the streets, travel, music – really, anywhere.

As The Strategy hopes to share the inspiration behind the style of our favourite fashion insiders and muses, we’ve decided to share with you the little details in life that have been inspiring us.

Coming out of a holiday fog fuelled by egg nog, Mariah Carey tunes, and general holiday cheer, we’ve taken some time to sfully get back into a creative mode. It’s hard to make the switch from sparkles and ugly Christmas Sweaters to office attire, after all. To help garner some fresh inspiration, we’re turning to some vintage goods, our ever reliable coffee table books and our favourite home goods – candles.

Our coffee table books never fail to inspire us. To jump start some creativity, this week we’ve turned to Kate: The Kate Moss Book created for Rizzoli by Kate Moss herself. Just the cover of the tome sets a moody scene we aim to embrace during the rainy, cold weather of the week. We’re talking neutral colours, warming textures, and unfussy looks. As we type, we can say this image has inspired our work outfit for tomorrow: a soft cashmere turtleneck knit in a heather grey paired with a low bun tucked into it, and thick socks peeping from our ankle boots.

When we say at TS we are fashion aficionados, we try mean it. We love clothes, we love the art and craftsmanship, we love the business behind it, and we also love the history. Which is why we are absolutely loving W Magazine’s series, Forgotten Runway, by Kristen Bateman. We spent a lot of the break squirrelled away in our beds devouring past posts from the series.

Naturally, as we struggle to figure out what to wear each morning, we’ve been turning to our very own 2022 Best Dressed list for inspiration. Endless workwear inspiration comes from Neelam Ahooja’s IG feed, and Giorgia Tordini’s latest posts have us dreaming of far off vacations.

Setting up on the home front, as we take down our holiday decorations, we’ve come to really love and indulge in Anecdote Candles. As a fashion and lifestyle website with a focus on the inspiration behind the wardrobes of fashions elite, we personally feel seen by the “Smells Like Style Icons and Aspirational Lifestyles” candle. It also helps that each scent permeates an entire room.

Lastly, we’ve been inspired by vintage treasures, like a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy. Marked with history and already worn in, we love the look and feel of a vintage piece. The newer bags are an obvious score, but there is something about a pre-scuffed bag with a worn look that we can’t dismiss. We think it will pair well with our aforementioned grey turtleneck look for tomorrow.

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