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Starface Micro-Cloud Patches

Starface Micro-Cloud Patches

Written by The Strategy

We’ve talked about how much we love Starface pimple patches before, right? We simply can’t help ourselves. Every time a blemish reaches the surface, we immediately reach for a star, or Elmo or heart to cover it up either throughout the night or while we go about our day. Now, thanks to Starface’s Micro-Cloud patches, we have preventative patches that will stop those pesky blemishes from ever fully developing.

The brands staple product, the Hydro-Stars aim to absorb any excess oil, while protecting your skin from germs and potential picking (we’re all guilty) that can worsen the state of your pimples. The new Micro-Cloud patches aren’t just hydrocolloid stickers. These pimple patches were created to stop breakouts in their earliest stage. In addition to hydrocolloid, each patch contains a targeted dose of salicylic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. In simple terms, each patch clears pores, calms, brightens and hydrates the skin. Unlike the Hydro-Stars and it’s many iterations and collaborations, the Micro-Cloud’s contain dissolvable micro-darts on the sticky side of the patch that delivers all the acne fighting ingredients needed deep into the emerging pimple to prevent it from surfacing. These darts dissolve within two hours of wearing the patch, but continue to pack an effective punch.

With a tagline of “Absorbs. Shrinks. Calms.” we know these patches are exactly what we’ve been wanting when we feel a blemish coming on and feel we can’t do anything about it. Use it 1-3 times a week to help calm an up-and-coming breakout for faster healing and reduced redness.


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