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The Art of The Gallery Wall

The Art of The Gallery Wall

Written by The Strategy

Embracing the art of the gallery wall.

Inspired by TS Alum and various adventures, we’ve been eyeing our empty wall space and have decided a gallery wall is a must. The notion isn’t anything new, but it does offer us so many ways to display our most prized possessions and random pieces we’ve collected along the way.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Fussy

The Art of The Gallery Wall

Taking a cue from TyLynn Nguyen, The Line Los Angeles and many others, sometimes simple is better. Either by going in a monochromatic direction (like black and white photography), or by adding only a few pieces to a blank wall, a minimalist display lets the focus be on each individual piece.

Create a Pattern

In lieu of wallpaper, a patterned gallery wall is a great option. Violet Grey’s Melrose Place headquarters had us completely inspired to pick out our favourite prints and images to fill up an entire wall.

Use The Power of The Skateboard

The Art of The Gallery Wall

If there is anything we’ve learned after visiting the well decorated homes of our favourite fashion insiders, it’s to never underestimate the power of a good skateboard. From Alana Hadid‘s LA abode to Chrissy Rutherford‘s chic New York digs, and Danielle Prescod‘s drool-worthy NYC apartment, skateboards are a must-have wall accessory. Whether you display them in pairs or alone, they add an element of interest to an otherwise boring wall. With great options from Saint Laurent to Element, you can find a skateboard to jazz up any space quite easily, and at every price point.

Display Your Travel Mementos

The Art of The Gallery Wall

Too often how we travelled to beautiful far off lands, and forgotten about our travel souvenirs in the bottom of a suitcase or the back of a closet. Everything from a framed coaster at a gorgeous bar to an Australian boomerang (as spotted in Danielle Prescod’s place), work your favourite pieces into a gallery wall. With varying shapes and sizes, they make for great space fillers or focal points.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Print

The Art of The Gallery Wall

The beauty of art and a gallery wall is that it doesn’t have to be expensive! Your guests are not expecting displayed Rothkos. Art can be anything, and we love a good framed print, like the ones in Christina Grasso‘s home. The cost-effectiveness of a framed print means it won’t break your heart should you decide to swap it out for something else, should your mood change.

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