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Daisy Jones & The Six Inspired Caramel Beige Hair

Daisy Jones & The Six Inspired Caramel Beige Hair

Written by The Strategy

Sure the finale of the Amazon Prime show aired a few weeks ago, but we’re still not over Daisy Jones and the Six. Consider us inspired.

Inspired to add more suede and fringe into our wardrobes. Inspired to stare moodily out the window on rainy days. Inspired to style our hair in carefree 70s fashion – wait…should we get bangs?! Okay, maybe before we head for the shears, our first stop when it comes to Daisy Jones-inspired hair would be the Caramel Beige hair worn so effortlessly by the show’s Karen Sirko (of course played by style muse, Suki Waterhouse).

We spoke to Cherise Wilson, a colourist at the celeb-favourite, Marie Robinson Salon, to learn how to achieve the look.

The camel being hair trend we see on the Daisy Jones character, Karen Sirko, is a riff off of Farrah Fawcett’s blonde. How is this colour different?

Both characters perfectly nail the camel blonde of the 70s perfectly! I love that Karen Sirko’s camel blonde is a bit more dimensional with a natural base colour, and Farrah’s is a bit more dramatic and all-over bright camel blonde. Farrah’s shorter layers and fringe vis. Karen’s softer, longer layers show how highlights are complimented and enhanced by different haircuts and style.

Why do you think this summer’s trend is more towards a neutral hair colour?

In the past several years, cool-toned blonde was a huge trend, and then last year, red-tones and strawberry blondes were all the rage. Now, it’s time to meet somewhere in the middle with this truly neutral colour. This camel beige tone looks flattering on all skin tones, is complex and nuanced, and also wears and fades beautifully as we spend more time in the sun.

How do you suggest our readers go about getting this 70s camel beige colour?

Show photos of your favourite camel blondes to a professional hair colourist! A great at-home hack would be to mix together Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Masks. Start with Golden Blonde, and add in a small amount of Baby Blonde to get that true neutral camel.

Are there any special notes they should mention to a colourist?

Yes!!! Ask your colourist for gold gloss with a controlled amount of violet undertone. This works to add some ice and neutral value while maintaining brightness. I like to leave some warmth in my highlights and not over-lift, for a golden base colour.

What would the colour care practices be for this colour?

Always wait 72 hours before washing your hair post-colouring. Colour-safe shampoo, a great mask or conditioner, and also a leave-in conditioner will prolong your colour. I also suggest getting a gloss with your colourist in-between highlights to keep the camel tone fresh and eye-catching.

Are there ways to tweak this camel beige colour to work with different skin tones?

Yes!!! For skin tones on the warmer side, I like to do more gold with less violet. For cooler/pink skin tones, I use a bit more violet to compliment their skin tone. It is very easy to customize this colour. It will also reflect differently based on how bright the highlight is lifted.

Once coloured, what are your styling recommendations?

I think this colour is very versatile. It looks really peachy and cool on air-dried textures, especially for the summer. But, it also looks amazing with a blowout and a wave thrown in because it reflects the light so well and will pop on camera.

Other than the came beige colour trend, what other trends do you think we’re going to see a lot of in summer 2023?

I am really feeling that the nuanced neutrals are here! I think we will also see a lot of tone-on-tone colour, which basically means adding highlights with subtle contrast to your base colour, and then glossing to almost match your natural hair colour. Tone-on-tone adds shine without being too over the top. Any shade or depth can become natural, with gold and violet tones for an incredible natural glow. I’m really digging tobacco brown shades too. This can be achieved by mixing a neutral, gold, and blue/violet undertone.

If you plan on heading straight to the experts to achieve this look, book with Marie Robinson now.

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