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How To Become a Better Ally

How To Become a Better Ally

Written by The Strategy

Ally (al-ly): noun, A state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose. / A person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity.

The fashion industry has never been the most inclusive. As members of the industry, at The Strategy, our aim is to give a voice, and be better allies to the BIPOC community. If there is a topic you want to talk to about, or feel that we should cover, please send us an e-mail, and we’ll do our best to make sure your voices are heard. Send your emails to

How to Become A Better Ally:

  • If you’re able, donate to organizations that are on the ground and working to end violence and discrimination against black people.
  • Sign petitions that demand justice.
  • If you’re a retailer, commit to the 15% Pledge. If you’re a consumer, reach out to your favourite retailers to sign the pledge.
  • Learn about the actual history of black people – not just the ones taught in history class .
  • Start the conversation. Talk to your friends, loved ones and co-workers and work to change their mindsets.
  • Support BIPOC brands.

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